Apiary Library Generator

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Deprecated Apiary Library Generator

Apiary's Yeoman generator for basic project scaffolding. Allows you to start a new library in couple of minutes, with all initial setup as required or recommended by internal directions.

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Deprecation notice

Unfortunately, this project is no longer used in Apiary and won't be developed anymore. Feel free to fork it or get inspired by it, but do not expect any further support and development.




  • coffee for CoffeeScript
  • es5 for JavaScript
  • es6 for ECMAScript2015

Adding a new template

The generator was made with the idea of having templates available also for languages not based on JavaScript, but the initial version doesn't feature any. If you want to contribute a template for Ruby, Python, or other language, feel free to do so, but you might need to perform some changes also to the generator itself, as there is probably some code, which is JavaScript-specific and not general enough. This is a known limitation and an unfortunate burden put on the first contributors, but thanks to it the generator could become real very quickly.


$ npm install yo -g  # make sure Yeoman is installed
$ npm install generator-apiary-lib -g


Use the generator in the root of your project. If you want to start a new project, create yourself a new project directory. The generator doesn't have to be ran in an empty directory, though.

$ mkdir ~/<your directory with projects>/<project directory>
$ cd ~/<your directory with projects>/<project directory>
$ apiary-lib  # runs the generator

You shouldn't need to worry about existing .git directory or other files. The generator will ask you should it ever need to overwrite an existing file. Also, Git helps in case something gets overwritten. This way you should be able to use the template also on existing projects, not only on new ones.


As the generator is written in ES6 and transpiled by Babel, seamless development of it is not so simple. Clone the repository and in the project directory (e.g. ~/<your directory with projects>/generator-apiary-lib) do following:

$ npm install yo -g  # make sure Yeoman is installed
$ npm install  # install local version of the generator
$ npm link  # make the local version accessible to the global Yeoman generator

Then create yourself a separate, empty directory (e.g. ~/<your directory with projects>/playground) where you want to play with the generator. In this new directory you can run:

$ (cd ~/<your directory with projects>/generator-apiary-lib && npm run compile) && apiary-lib