Yeoman generator to setup a Clarity development environment

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A Clarity development environment Yeoman generator.

Generates a TypeScript project that contains a hello-world.clar sample smart contract and a minimal Mocha test suite using the Clarity SDK.

Visit create-clarity-starter for usage as an npm init initializer without global yo installation requirements.

Quick Start

Create project directory:

mkdir hello-clarity
cd hello-clarity

Run project generator:

npm install -g yo generator-clarity-dev
yo clarity-dev

Run tests:

npm test

Expected output:

  hello world contract test suite
    ✓ should have a valid syntax
    deploying an instance of the contract
      ✓ should return 'hello world'
      ✓ should echo number

  3 passing


Ensure all checks pass when running npx yo doctor.

Yeoman Doctor - Running sanity checks on your system
✔ Global configuration file is valid
✔ NODE_PATH matches the npm root
✔ Node.js version
✔ No .bowerrc file in home directory
✔ No .yo-rc.json file in home directory
✔ npm version
✔ yo version


If seeing error messages related to the clarity-native-bin package then see its README for more details.