Yeoman generator for creating dojo widgets

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Yeoman generator

Getting Started

$ npm install -g yo
$ npm install -g generator-dojo-widget

Finally, initiate the generator:

$ yo dojo-widget

What will happen

A few opinionated files will be created. If you created a widget called test, the following files will be created for you.


The /test.js file will contain your widget logic.
/templates/test.html will be an empty template file if your widget has a template.
tests/testTests.html is an html page that you can load to see your widget in isolation.
tests/spec/Spectest.js is a jasmine test spec file with a default test instantiating your new widget.
resources/test.styl is the style sheet containing styles specific to your new widget.



Release Notes

1.0.0 Update to yeoman 2.0.1 0.3.0 Update to yeoman 0.19 0.2.2 Update greeting with yosay 0.2.1 Remove deprecated peerDependencies
0.2.0 Add xstyle and stylus for css