A Yeoman generator for a Feathers application

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A Yeoman generator for a Feathers application. This is a fork of the generator-feathers that places services namespaced with a . on their own url instead of the root url. I.E. yo feathers:service would create the following endpoint: /foo/bar It would also place bar as a service within a foo parent directory


First you need install yeoman.

npm install -g yo

Then install the feathers generator.

npm install -g yo generator-feathers-namespace


Create a directory for your new app.

mkdir my-new-app; cd my-new-app/

Generate your app and follow the prompts.

yo feathers

Start your brand new app! 💥

npm start

Available commands

# short alias for generate new application
yo feathers

# set up authentication
yo feathers:authentication

# set up a database connection
yo feathers:connection

# generate new hook
yo feathers:hook

# generate new middleware
yo feathers:middleware

# generate new service
yo feathers:service


feathers/feathers-configuration uses NODE_ENV to find a configuration file under config/. After updating config/production.js you can run

NODE_ENV=production npm start


To contribute PRs for these generators, you will need to clone the repo then inside the repo's directory, run npm link. This sets up a global link to your local package for running tests (npm test) and generating new feathers apps/services/hooks/etc.

When finished testing, optionally run npm uninstall generator-feathers to remove the link.


Copyright (c) 2017

Licensed under the MIT license.