Nextbone applications with Webpack, Bootstrap, Framework7

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Setup for Nextbone applications


  • Bundling with webpack
    • Configures dev npm script with a live server for development
    • Configures prod npm script for production
  • Compilation with babel 7.x
    • Uses preset-env
    • Out of the box configured to support green browsers
  • Preconfigured service-worker using Workbox
  • Option to install CSS/UI frameworks
  • Option to install bottlejs (dependency injection micro library)
  • Option to install hygen templates (view, model, route)


First, install Yeoman and generator-nextbone using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-nextbone


Generate a new project

yo nextbone

The generator will ask for some options:

CSS/UI framework
  • none
  • Bootstrap 4 - with font awesome
  • Framework7 v2 (Coming soon)
Nextbone plugins
  • nextbone-modals
  • nextbone-radio
Extra libraries
  • bottlejs (dependency injection micro library)
  • hygen templates (needs hygen installed globally):
    • hygen model new - creates a Model and Collection descendant
    • hygen component new - creates a web component
    • hygen route new - creates a route with associated component

Build the application

For development (a server will be started usually at http://localhost:8080)

npm run dev 

For production

npm run prod


MIT © Luiz Américo Pereira Câmara