An opinionated generator for node.js modules. Making use of ESLint, Prettier, Jest, Travis, Coveralls, Husky, and Lint-Staged

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An opinionated generator for node.js projects.

Mostly based on generator-node, so thanks to the team over there.

It creates a boilerplate project setup composed from multiple sub-generators and finally installs dependencies via npm.


All boolean options can be set to false with --no-<option> (e.g. --no-git)

  • git; (default: true) - Execute git sub-generator
  • boilerplate; (default: true) - Execute boilerplate sub-generator
  • license; (default: true) - Execute license sub-generator
  • readme; (default: true) - Execute readme sub-generator
  • travis; (default: true) - Execute travis sub-generator
  • coveralls; (default: true) - Include coveralls configuration
  • project-root; (default: 'lib') - Relative path to the project code root (folder in repo where code resides)
  • [name]: (default: dirname) - The name for this module
  • [github-account]; (default: @<scope> from name or resolved from authorEmail) - The name of the account on Github that hosts your repository
  • [repository-name]; (default: name of the module; repository from package.json or from git remote origin) - The name of your repository on Github

boilerplate generator

  • copies devDependencies and scripts from the generator's package.json into your project's package.json
  • creates .npmrc and .npmignore files
  • creates lib/index.js and lib/__tests__/<module-name>.test.js
  • creates eslint config files (combines rules from airbnb-base and prettier)
  • creates jest.config.js
  • creates prettier.config.js
  • creates config files for git hook tooling huskyrc.js and lint-staged.config.js

git generator

This sub-generator will not overwrite any existing repository data in package.json.
It will however attempt to register a ssh url version of package.json#repository[.url] as git remote origin if no origin exists yet.

  • when git option is set to false, coveralls and travis are false / disabled automatically
  • add .gitignore and .gitattributes files
  • prompts for github account (see option github-account)
  • prompts repository name (see option repository-name)
  • adds repository information to package.json
  • adds git remote origin if none exists

readme generator

  • generates boilerplate readme if none exists alreads
  • composes readme info from propmts collected upfront (user, lincese, badges)

external sub-generators

  • invokes generator-travis when travis option is true. When coveralls option is also true, will add after_script in travis config to publish coverage report data to coveralls.
  • invokes generator-license and default to Apache-2.0 license.


Apache-2.0 © Benjamin Kroeger