(Sub-)generator for a UI5 project

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Generator for UI5 projects in MTA folder structure

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Generator which use the official UI5 tooling from ui5-community and support multiple deployment targets such as the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Usage with hanacloudui5

gt; npm i -g yo
gt; yo hanacloudui5 project

    |       |    ╭──────────────────────────────╮
    |--(o)--|    │  Welcome to the hanacloudui5 │
   `---------´   │        generator!            │
    ( _´U`_ )    ╰──────────────────────────────╯
    /___A___\   /
     |  ~  |
 ´   `  |° ´ Y `

generation flow

Run you can use npm start (or yarn start) to start the local server for development.

Standalone usage

Note the different greeting when the generator starts.

gt; npm i -g yo
gt; yo ./generator-ui5-project

     _-----_     ╭──────────────────────────────╮
    |       |    │      Welcome to the          │
    |--(o)--|    │     hanacloudui5-project     │
   `---------´   │        generator!            │
    ( _´U`_ )    ╰──────────────────────────────╯
    /___A___\   /
     |  ~  |
 ´   `  |° ´ Y `

generation flow

Target platforms

During the prompting phase, the generator will ask on which target platform your app should run. Currently, the following options are available:

SAP HTML5 Application Repository service for SAP BTP

This option is a more sophisticate way to serve the web app from Cloud Foundry-based environments.


Depending on your target platform you'll need to install additional tools:

Cloud Foundry

Deployment steps:

Call this command from the root directory to deploy the application to Cloud Foundry

npm run deploy

Embedded Technologies

This project leverages (among others) the following Open Source projects:


Please use the GitHub bug tracking system to post questions, bug reports or to create pull requests.


We welcome any type of contribution (code contributions, pull requests, issues) to this generator equally.