A generator for Yeoman for a VENM stack

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A somewhat opinionated Yeoman generator for applications built upon the VENM stack.

Disclaimer: This is pretty new project, so it could probably still use some work.

Getting Started

What is the VENM stack?

The VENM stack is a full javascript stack built in the spirit of the MEAN stack, but with Vue.js as a replacement for Angular.

  • Vue.js
  • Express
  • Node
  • Mongo


You can install generator-venm with npm, the same as any node package.

$ npm install -g generator-venm

This is a yeoman generator though, so if you haven't used yeoman yet, or don't have it installed you'll have to also install it too.

$ npm install -g yo

To use the generator just run the following.

$ yo venm


MIT License