A command-line app to compress/decompress text files

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Gengo Test

Problem Statement

  1. Write your own compression/decompression program in python, Go or Php, the program should be able to do the following:

    a. take a regular text file as input, output a compressed version of the same file

    b. decompressing the compressed file MUST produce the same hash as the original file

    c. Important points:

     i. You can use existing libraries for the compression/decompression process
     ii. Command line interface must be well-designed and along with de-jure  or de-facto standards.
         1. For example please use youprogram.php(or .py) -c filetozip.txt and yourprogram.php (or .py) -u
     iii. Implementation must be well-organized, easy to read, efficient enough and appropriately commented.
     iv. Implementation must have enough amount of tests.


  • Make sure latest versions of Node(v10+) and npm (v6+) are installed.
  • Run npm install -g gengo-test (Must be -g/global to write out compressed files)


  • gengo <command|alias> <text-file>


  • compress|c - Zip file using gzip
  • decompress|dc - Unzip file using gunzip
  • checksum|cs - Generates hash using md5
  • size|s - Gets the file size

Unit Tests

  • npm test

Scaling Performance

  • (Unix-like OSes) UV_THREADPOOL_SIZE=64


  • Run npm uninstall gengo-test