Managing your HTPC media files from the command line. Like a true gentleman.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Gentleman HTPC Media Manager

A NodeJS setup to manage files with multi-select options


npm install -g gentleman


Handy when you want to move your files elsewhere instead of just deleting it.

NOTE: For now only the action delete is implemented. The next version will have move implemented as well.

To delete your files:

gentleman delete [movies, series]

How does it work

First run (fresh install)

By running gentleman delete [movies, series] you will be presented with the chance to set up your directories to be saved in a configuration file stored in your user folder. On Mac and Linux computers this would be in ~/.gentleman/config.json.

The first question you'll get is to set your Media directory. Here you should fill in the absolute path to your Media library.

This is the first time you're running this.
Please take the time to set up your configuration.
? Path to your Media directory: (/Users/dapperuser/Media)

The second question you'll be asked is to set your Movies directory. Usually this one resides inside your Media directory.

? Path to your Movies directory: (/Users/dapperuser/Media/Movies)

The last question you'll get is to set your TV Series directory. Same as above it assumes you have this inside your Media directory.

? Path to your TV Series directory: (/Users/dapperuser/Media/TV Series)

Deleting files/folders

Once you've got it all set up you can start deleting files.

Warning: Deleting files is irreversible! You can not undo this!

When you run the command gentleman delete movies you will get a list of the movie files/directories that are contained in your Movies folder specified in during your configuration setup.

Example result:

? Choose the directories/files you wish to delete: (Press <space> to select)
❯◯ Cras Elit Sit
 ◯ Cursus Adipiscing Consectetur
 ◯ Quam Nullam Etiam
 ◯ Sem Lorem Egestas
 ◯ Ullamcorper Vestibulum Cras.txt
 ◯ Vehicula Magna Ultricies
 ◯ Venenatis Sit Magna

After you've selected one or more directories or files you will get a final question making sure you know what's about to happen.

The only thing you have to do here is to answer y (yes) or n (no). The default preselected answer is n. So if you accidentally press [enter] too fast nothing will happen yet.

The following list of files/folders are scheduled for demolition:
- Fusce Ornare Tortor → "/Users/dapperuser/Downloads/Temp_Media/Movies/Fusce Ornare Tortor"
- Ornare Vestibulum Adipiscing → "/Users/dapperuser/Downloads/Temp_Media/Movies/Ornare Vestibulum Adipiscing"
- Ullamcorper Vestibulum Cras.txt → "/Users/dapperuser/Downloads/Temp_Media/Movies/Ullamcorper Vestibulum Cras.txt"

? Are you sure you want to delete these files? (y/N)

After this the files will be permanently deleted and removed from your Movies directory. If you've executed gentleman delete series this would be from your TV Series directory, obviously.

✪ Success!

The following directories/files were successfully deleted:
- Cras Elit Sit → "/Users/dapperuser/Downloads/Temp_Media/Movies/Cras Elit Sit"
- Cursus Adipiscing Consectetur → "/Users/dapperuser/Downloads/Temp_Media/Movies/Cursus Adipiscing Consectetur"
- Quam Nullam Etiam → "/Users/dapperuser/Downloads/Temp_Media/Movies/Quam Nullam Etiam"


When you have a directory with a whole bunch of files or folders, like a huge Media folder, you might want to purge it from some unwanted ones once in a while. For my own purpose I created this script to better manage my Media folder and clean it up once in a while from some old or outdates files.


a.k.a. Features I still need to do but didn't have the time for yet

  • Moving files, instead of deleting them -- Renaming target file other than original filename
  • Improve configuration file structure
  • Add other media types to handle

Highway Roadmap

a.k.a. The Big Huge Wishlist for when I have too much time on my hands

  • Develop Gentleman API
  • Develop Gentleman Web UI



Mark de Jong

Thanks & Credits

Gabriele di Stefano for inspiring me to do more with NodeJS.


MIT License