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A slightly opinionated central way to fastly create new projects with a single command.

Creating every single Typescript project environment is a real pain. Takes lots of minutes, sufferings and procrastinations to leave it functional and in the way I feel confortable to work with. We know how boring it really is.

There is a templates directory that contains all flavors boilerplates generated using the latest gev version.

📖 Usage:

npx gev <flavor> # To use the current directory as destination and package name. Directory emptiness will be checked.

npx gev <flavor> <newPackageName> # To create a new directory and use it as the package name. Directory existence will be checked.

npx gev -h # For help and all commands and options available.

Current available flavors are:

ts: Typescript project

expo: Expo project.

expo-pkg: React-Native/Expo components package. It's called expo because it will have a expo sandbox directory for testing your component.

All the flavors uses Typescript.

To supress the npm@7 possible npx confirmation message, you can use npx -y gev.

🔮 Future

  • Add Paypal donate button to the end of READMEs (or as a badge). Also funding.yml file.

  • Interactive menu to add other badges and the paypal button to the README.

  • typedoc support, with markdown output. I hate writing READMEs!

  • jest integration

  • Allow custom setups. It could be something like npx gev -u githubUsername. This could really be a good way for people to have their own environment setup without too much work.

  • Use npm get and set for local configs. Could store Github username, donation link, some package.json defaults and custom gev scripts to be used as default.

  • npx gev would open an interactive menu to choose the desired initializer or change user options.

  • npx gev ts coolPackage would start a TS package without going through the menu above.

📰 Changelog

🦔 Etc

  • As it accepts scoped package names like npx gev @yourUsername/coolPackage, it is not possible to specify a path in the package name, like ... deep/dir/coolPackage.

  • On errors or process exit during the project generation, it will remove any written file.