GEOGATE-geojson handles AIS/NMEA encoding/decoding for GEOgate GPS/AIS/GTS framework

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GeoGate is an opensource GPS/AIS tracking server framework, that enable easy integration of multiple GPS trackers in WEB applications. It provides data acquisition drivers for typical tracker devices or phone's GPS apps. It handle multiple database backend, and support GeoJSON, AIS & NMEA encoding/decoding. It embed support for multiple classes of trackers, phone-apps, as well an NMEA & AIS simulator.

GeoGate-Encoder [ggencoder]

Is the component that support AIS & NMEA encoding decoding for GeoGate. This component is fully independent of GeoGate and can be use without any other references to GeoGate


  npm install ggencoder

  note: ./bin/Ais2JsonClient cli depends on async & jison but encoder/decoder themself do not depend on anything

Cli Usage

  node ./node_modules/.bin/Ais2JsonClient --verbose --hostname=localhost --port=5001

API Usage

  // import GeoGate encoding/decoding NMEA/AIS methods
  var AisEncode  = require ("ggencoder").AisEncode;
  var AisDecode  = require ("ggencoder").AisDecode;
  var NmeaEncode = require ("ggencoder").NmeaEncode;
  var NmeaDecode = require ("ggencoder").NmeaDecode;

  // decode and AIS message
  var decMsg = new AisDecode ("!AIVDM,2,1,1,A,55?MbV02;H;s<HtKR20EHE:0@T4@Dn2222222216L961O5Gf0NSQEp6ClRp8,0*1C");
  if (decMsg.valid) console.log ('%j', decMsg);

  // encode AIS message
  var encMsg = new AisEncode ({// class AB static info
        aistype    : 24,
        part       : 1,
        mmsi       : 271041815,
        cargo      : 60,
        callsign   : "TC6163",
        dimA       : 0,
        dimB       : 15,
        dimC       : 0,
        dimD       : 5
  }); if (encMsg.valid) console.log (encMsg.nmea);

  // decode NMEA message
  var decMsg = new NmeaDecode ('$GPGGA,064036.289,4836.5375,N,00740.9373,E,1,04,3.2,200.2,M,,,,0000*0E');
  if (decMsg.valid) console.log ('%j', decMsg);

  // encode NMEA message
  encMsg = new NmeaEncode ({ // standard class B Position report
         msgtype    : 2,
         cog        : 72.2,
         sog        : 6.1000000000000005,
         lon        : 122.47338666666667,
         lat        : 36.91968,
  }); if (encMsg.valid) console.log (encMsg.nmea);


  cd test
  node --use_strict AisEncodeDecodeTest.js
  node --use_strict NmeaEncodeDecodeTest.js