comment system valine integration into GitBook

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  import gitbookPluginValine from '';


> Overview
The plugin is a comment system using valine for gitbook.
▲ Important
Require GitBook >=3.0.0.

Quick Start

    "plugins": ["valine"],
    "pluginsConfig": {
        "valine": {
            "appId": "your appId",
            "appKey": "your appKey"
  • Install your plugins using:
gitbook install ./

After that, you can use the valine comment system.


value type default required description
appId string yes Application <APP_ID> from Leancloud.
appKey string yes Application <APP_KEY> from Leancloud.
placeholder string Just go go no Comment box placeholders.
avatar string '' no Gravatar type.
Optional value:
- ''(Empty string)
- mp
- identicon
- monsterid
- wavatar
- retro
- robohash
- hide
pageSize number 10 no Number of pages per page.
lang string zh-CN no Multilingual support.
Optional value:
- zh-CN
- zh-TW
- en
- ja
recordIP boolean false no Record reviewer IP.

Advanced E-mail Alert

If you want to config the e-mail alert, you can see