GitLab Executor API Interface

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GitLab Executor


To use this tool, it is required to have a GitLab account somewhere. In the GitLab, a personal access token needs to be created. The respective page can be found under https://<>/profile/personal_access_tokens. Enter a name for your new access token and check the api box. If only read-only access is desired, read_api is sufficient. Keep the access token safe as it will only be displayed once.


In order to provide the access token and base url of the GitLab to gitlab-x either use environment variables or pass them as command line options:

Environment variables:

GITLAB_AT can be used to provide the access token GITLAB_URL can be used to provide the base url of the GitLab

export GITLAB_AT=asdf1234
export GITLAB_URL=

Command line:

If no environment varialbe is given for the access token or base url, they need to be provided as command line arguments:
-u or --url followed by the GitLab URL -t or --access-token followed by the access token

$ npx gitlab-x -u -t asdf1234 version



Retrieves the version of the GitLab being queried

$ npx gitlab-x version [fields...]

$ npx gitlab-x version
{ version: '13.7.0-pre', revision: '59e06a7bf82' }

$ npx gitlab-x version revision

$ npx gitlab-x version version

$ npx gitlab-x version version --json
{ version: '13.7.0-pre' }


Queries API objects

get project

$ npx gitlab-x get project <project_identifier> [fields...]
The project_identifier can be either:

  • the project id as number
  • the project path relative to the GitLab root
  • the project url (basically base url and path combined)
$ npx gitlab-x get project /mxcd/test
  id: 23106572,
  description: '',
  name: 'test',
  name_with_namespace: 'Max Partenfelder / test',
  path: 'test',
  path_with_namespace: 'mxcd/test',
  created_at: '2020-12-14T23:26:00.959Z',
  default_branch: null,
  tag_list: [],

$ npx gitlab-x get project 23106572 name web_url
{ name: 'test', web_url: '' }
get branches

$ npx gitlab-x get branches <project_identifier> [fields...]

get branch
get issues
get issue
get raw

$ npx gitlab-x get raw <project_identifier> <file_path> [--ref <branch>]


$ npx gitlab-x commit <local file> <project identifier> [<target file>] [--ref <branch>] [--force]