2D WebGL point cloud plots

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WebGL 2D point cloud for lots of points


... to be created


Using npm, you can install this module as follows:

npm i gl-pointcloud2d



var pointcloud = require('gl-pointcloud2d')(plot, options)

Creates a new 2D point cloud.

  • plot is a reference to a gl-plot2d object
  • options is a JSON object containing the parameters which are passed to the object when it is updated.

options has the following properties:

  • data is a packed 2*n length array of the unrolled xy coordinates of the points (required) - buffering is significantly faster if it's of type Float32Array
  • idToIndex is an optional array of length n where idToIndex[i] = i - buffering is significantly faster if it's supplied and of type Int32Array
  • color is the color of a marker as a length 4 RGBA array (default [1,0,0,1])
  • borderSize is the ratio of the border around each point (default 0)
  • borderColor is the color of the border of each point (default [0,0,0,1])
  • blend determines if gl blending is enabled for a translucency effect on overlaps; enabling it lowers draw speed somewhat (default false)

Returns A new point cloud plot object, which is also registered to plot



Updates the point cloud plot.

  • options is an object with the same properties as in the point cloud plot constructor


Destroys the point cloud plot and all associated resources.


(c) 2015 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License

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