A tool for glitching images.

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An image glitching toolbox.

Running Examples

To see demo output of API functions, clone this repository and then use node to run any of the files in the examples/ folder.

For example, to run flip.js, change directories into the examples/ folder, and then run node flip.js.

Example files pull source images from the img/ folder and then save their glitch transformations to the output/ folder.



Inverts an RGBA buffer.


Flips (vertically) a RGBA buffer by reversing the pixels.


Overlays red/blue channels from the first half of an RGBA buffer over the second half of an RGBA buffer.

clampColors(buffer[, maxColors])

A slightly glitchy color clamp to maxColors (default 256).

glitchClamp(buffer[, maxColors])

A randomizing color clamper. Randomizes a palette limited to maxColors (default 256).

ghostColors(buffer[, maxColors])

A ghosting color palette -- the first maxColors (default 256) are processed, any colors outside the first set are assigned the same hue.

glitchGhost(buffer[, maxColors])

A ghosting color palette -- the first maxColors (default 256) are processed, any other colors are assigned a hue from a randomly generated palette of maxColors hues.


Convert a RGBA buffer to grayscale.

var shifted = pixelshift(buffer, pixels)

Shift an image in the x direction by pixels

rowslice(buffer, bandsize)

Slice an image into rows of bandsize -- this is a raw value. Choose numbers somewhere on the order of the image height * width for best results. A small value will generally turn your image into noise.

cloneChannel(sourceBuffer, targetBuffer, channel)

Copy all pixels from channel channel (0-3) from source to target. Works best if the images are the same dimensions.

smear(buffer, smearwidth)

Smear pixels by smearwidth to the right

smearChannel(buffer, channel, smearwidth)

Smear channel for smearwidth pixels at a ttime.