Rewrites paths, using two globs as patterns

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Glob rewriter

Rewrites paths, using two globs as patterns.

Replaces a mandatory placeholder in the target expression with the provided value. The mandatory placeholder is <LOCALE>.

Depends on a specific version of glob-to-regexp module, until the fix from is released.


$ npm install glob-rewriter --save


// Import the module
var rewriter = require('glob-rewriter');

// Set input parameters
var source = 'somefolder/**/*.js';
var target = 'some_other_folder/**/<LOCALE>/*.js';
var locale = 'ja_JP';
var path = 'somefolder/a/b/c/d/test.js';

// This will throw an exception if the input is deemed to be invalid
rewriter.validate(path, locale, source, target);

// This will actually rewrite the path
var rewritten = rewriter.rewrite(path, locale, source, target);

// prints: "some_other_folder/a/b/c/d/ja_JP/test.js"

Unit tests

$ npm test