A reusable GLSL directional light function.

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glsl-directional-light experimental

A reusable GLSL directional light function.

The simplest case is to simply use:

dot(normal, direction) * light

But this module also takes into account specualrity as well.

view demo




Exports vec3 directional_light(), which takes the following arguments:

  • vec3 normal: This point's normal vector.
  • vec3 light: The light color.
  • vec3 surface: The color of the material/surface being drawn.
  • vec3 lightDirection: The direction of the light to cast – normalized.
  • mat4 modelMatrix: The model matrix.
  • mat4 viewMatrix: The view matrix.
  • vec3 viewPosition: The position of the camera in world space.

If you wish to include specular lighting too, simply add these two extra parameters when calling the function:

  • float shininess: Set to lower values for matte, higher for gloss.
  • float specularity: The amount by which to scale the specular light cast on the object.


MIT. See for details.