The set of the utilities needed to code like Greg Little does

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Utilities to help someone code the way Greg Little (dglittle) does. Based on


This utility library is compiled over the years by Greg Little to support his - minimum dependencies - maximum code lifetime - rely on the language vs the libraries - unique coding style. It consists of five distinct sections

  • glutils-js - These are functions that should/could have been part of the javascript language itself. Most of them enable a functional programming style - others are just fixes for well known deficiencies of javascript: has, identity, each, map, filter, reduce, some, every, rename, min, max, find, range, size, deepEquals, keys, values, merge, clone, deepClone, pairs, object, pick, omit, setAdd, makeSet, inSet, setSub, bagAdd, listAdd, lerp, lerpCap, time, trim, lines, sum, sample, shuffle, randomInt, randomString, sort, sortDesc, toArray, ensure

  • glutils-browser : Common helper functions for the browser. escapeUnicodeChar, escapeString, escapeRegExp, escapeUrl, unescapeUrl, escapeXml, unescapeXml, getUrlParams, splitHorz, splitVert, dialog

  • glutils-json : This set of utilities make it straightforward to persist whole javascript structures (including pointers, cycles) to a file. decycle, recycle, json, unJson

  • glutils-node : Common helper functions for node serveOnExpress, read, write, print, exit, md5

  • glutils_promises : Simple but powerful fibers-based "real" promises run, yield, p, parallel, consume, wget

Here is an example of using the promises:

    var _ = require('glutils') () {
        var user = _.p(db.users.findone({ username : username}, _.p()))


npm install glutils


Here are my changes from the original gl519 repo


  • Added rename function in glutils-js section. (allows renaming of the keys of a hash based on map parameter)

02/17/2014 - Initial Commits

  • pushed the tests in a test subfolder
  • change test output into TAP (prepended OK, NOT OK, or # before each line of output)
  • disable print() test and exit() tests - they were relying on human observation
  • added npm test script - that tests using tap
  • express serve the file statically at route /glutil instead of /gl519
  • added MIT License file as specified in original package.json by dglittle
  • added travis integration