Find open issues from open source dependencies of your project.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Help make the world a better place by finding issues in open source dependencies of your NodeJS project that you can help with.

Requires a GitHub account for rate limits only (no scopes are requested).

Only issues that are labeled as "help wanted" are shown by default.


Run npx good-samaritan from the root of any project with a package.json file.

Or, alternatively, install this project globally via: npm install -g good-samaritan and then run good-samaritan.


Local installation

npm link

Then you should be able to run good-samaritan anywhere.

Debugging in VSCode

  1. Set a breakpoint in the editor.
  2. Run Debug: Create JavaScript Debug Terminal
  3. Run good-samaritan in the new terminal.

Cutting a new release

  1. npm run release
  2. npm publish