Transform for migrating a Google compiler application to ES6 modules

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  import googshift from '';



This repository contains jscodeshift scripts to convert a code based on the Google Closure Compiler goog.require and goog.provide / goog.module to ES6 modules.

Example use

  • Convert from goog.provide to goog.module:
node_modules/.bin/jscodeshift -t transforms/goog_provide_to_goog_module.js ~/dev/suisseapline/ui/suissealpine/static/js/  ~/dev/suisseapline/ui/suissealpine/static/modules/ --ignore-pattern goog --skip-requires goog,ol,ngeo
  • Convert from goog.module to ES6 module:
node_modules/.bin/jscodeshift -t transforms/goog_module_to_es6_module.js ~/dev/suisseapline/ui/suissealpine/static/js/  ~/dev/suisseapline/ui/suissealpine/static/modules/


  • Increment package.json version
  • Create a git tag and push it to the repository
  • Publish the npm package with npm publish