A cli tool to parse telemetry from the GPMF track in GoPro cameras (Hero5 and later).

Usage no npm install needed!

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GoPro Telemetry Exporter

A cli tool to export GoPro metadatas from video files.


npm install -g gopro-telemetry-exporter

or just prefix command npx


gopro-telemetry-exporter --input GPX010001.MP4 --output GPX010001.gpx --GPS5Fix 3 --preset gpx --groupTimes 200

  • --input is the path of the GoPro video file
  • --output is the path to metadatas output file ( can be gpx, kml, geojson, csv, mgjson, virb, and other format that can be supported by GoPro Telemetry Presets)
  • All other options will be pass directly to GoPro Telemetry, you can check the list

Example CSV export of GPS5 stream

gopro-telemetry-exporter --input GPX010001.MP4 --output test.csv --GPS5Fix 3 --preset csv --groupTimes 200 --stream GPS5


  • Check all the presets
  • Implement progress