GovData Javascript SDK

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  import govdata from '';


GovData Javascript SDK

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Official Javascript SDK with browser and Node.js support.

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GovData provides select OpenData using an API and simplifies it's integration in applications with an SDK. We currently provide data from small business, business and other registries including registry of VAT payers. Data are standardized and searchable. Our SDKs are test-covered and services highly available. We believe OpenData, APIs and SDKs create an ecosystem and high quality apps can only exist in healthy ecosystem.

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Easiest browser SDK integration can be done by inserting following HTML tags in your page code:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

You can also install the library locally on your server and load it as your own Javascript. We support Require.js library. After installation, SDK creates a single object GovData or window.GovData.


Install the SDK with standard command:

npm install govdata

Calling require returns a single object.


SDK is pre-configured to use demo account with our service with specific key and limits. This configuration can be used to test our service and to develop your app.

SDK configuration can be performed by calling init method on GovData object:

GovData.init({ stage: '<hodnota>', key: '<hodnota>' });


Simple search

Find entities in business registry using findEntityByNumber method:

    function(entity) {'Název:', entity.getName());
    function(error) {

Please find more detailed example here.

Geospatial search

Entity search using GPS coordinates and radius using findEntitiesByGeo method:

GovData.findEntitiesByGeo(50.08915042002743, 14.407195183397297, 100, 1,
    function(response) {'Počet stránek:', response.getPages());'Počet výsledků na aktuální stránce:', response.getCount());

        var results = response.getResults();
        for(var i = 0; i < results.length; ++i) {
            var r = results[i];
  'Identifikační číslo:', r.getNumber(), 'Název:', r.getName());
    function(error) {


Documenting SDK objects is in progress. Please explore available objects and their methods in