A command-line tool and library for wrangling network graph data

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A command-line tool and library for wrangling network graph data


$ npm install graph-wrangle

For drawing graphs, node-canvas is used which requires Cairo and Pango. For details about setting up node-canvas, see their documentation. To install Cairo and Pango on OS X run: brew install pkg-config cairo pango libpng jpeg giflib.

Sample Usage

From a command-line:

graph-wrangle style -i examples/data/100nodes.json -k genre_like | \
  graph-wrangle layout -a force-atlas2 -t 200 | \
  graph-wrangle draw -o my_graph.png -w 600 -h 600

Using a pipeline config file (typically named graph-wrangle.config.json or .js)

graph-wrangle pipeline --config graph-wrangle.config.json

See the examples folder for example pipeline config JSON and sample graph datasets.

Note that depending how you installed it, you may need to run bin/graph-wrangle.js instead of just typing graph-wrangle.


Pipeline with Shared Input/Output

Run a pipeline with generated output filenames based on the input filename. Available tokens in the pipeline config json are:

  • [name] The input graph filename without the json extension (e.g. mygraph.json becomes mygraph)
  • [timestamp] The timestamp when the script was run (YYYY-MM-DD-HHmmss)

Example usage:

graph-wrangle pipeline --config examples/pipeline_shared_io.json -i examples/data/100nodes.json

You can specify multiple files to run in succession by passing multiple -i <file> arguments.

graph-wrangle pipeline --config prepare-graphs.json \
  -i week-31-bundle.json \
  -i week-33-bundle.json \
  -i week-35-bundle.json

Note that globs are also supported:

graph-wrangle pipeline --config prepare-graphs.json -i "week-*-bundle.json"

Create sequence of graphs

For later animation, it can be helpful to precompute differences between sequential pairs of graphs. Use the sequence command to do so.

Example usage:

graph-wrangle sequence -o sequence.json graph1.json graph2.json graph3.json

With globs too:

graph-wrangle sequence -o sequence.json "graph*.json"