Auto generate resolvers on top of the graphql and database of your choice

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Auto generate database structure,
GraphQL Resolvers and Queries from GraphQL types 🚀


Graphback helps you to kickstart your experience with any existing GraphQL implementation by generating backend and client side CRUD layer using your GraphQL data model.




graphback provides a programmatic API for the Graphback ecosystem. In most of the cases you can use graphback by utilizing graphback-cli package that will expose all useful commands and cover most of the use cases.

Install with npm:

npm install graphback

Install with yarn:

npm install graphback

buildGraphbackAPI will process your schema and generate a CRUD API with schema, resolvers, services and data sources.

import { buildGraphbackAPI } from 'graphback';
import { createKnexDbProvider } from '@graphback/runtime-knex';
import Knex from 'knex';

const db = Knex({...});

const { typeDefs, resolvers, contextCreator } = buildGraphbackAPI(schema, {
  dataProviderCreator: createKnexDbProvider(db)

Up-to-date usage and configuration information is covered in depth over on our website