In memory cache for graphql-hooks

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In-memory caching implementation for graphql-hooks


npm install graphql-hooks-memcache


yarn add graphql-hooks-memcache

Quick Start

This is intended to be used as the cache option when calling createClient from graphql-hooks.

import { GraphQLClient } from 'graphql-hooks'
import memCache from 'graphql-hooks-memcache'

const client = new GraphQLClient({
  url: '/graphql',
  cache: memCache()


memCache(options): Option object properties

  • size: The number of items to store in the cache
  • ttl: Milliseconds an item will remain in cache. The default behaviour will only evict items when the size limit has been reached
  • initialState: The value from cache.getInitialState() used for rehydrating the cache after SSR


  • cache.get(key): Find the item in the cache that matches key
  • cache.set(key, value): Set an item in the cache
  • cache.delete(key): Delete an item from the cache
  • cache.clear(): Clear all items from the cache
  • cache.keys(): Returns an array of keys, useful when you need to iterate over the cache items
  • cache.getInitialState(): A serialisable version of the cache - used during SSR