In memory queue system prioritizing tasks

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Grouped Queue Build Status

In memory queue system prioritizing tasks.



$ npm install --save grouped-queue



The constructor takes an optional array of task groups. The first String name will be the first queue to be emptied, the second string will be the second group emptied, etc.

By default, the constructor will always add a default queue in the last position. You can overwrite the position of the default group if you specify it explicitly.

var Queue = require('grouped-queue');

var queue = new Queue([ 'first', 'second', 'third' ]);

Queue#add add( [group], task, [options] )

Add a task into a group queue. If no group name is specified, default will be used.

Implicitly, each time you add a task, the queue will start emptying (if not already running).

Each task function is passed a callback function. This callback must be called when the task is complete.

queue.add(function( cb ) {
  DB.fetch().then( cb );

Option: once

You can register tasks in queues that will be dropped if they're already planned. This is done with the once option. You pass a String (basically a name) to the once option.

// This one will eventually run
queue.add( method, { once: "readDB" });

// This one will be dropped as `method` is currently in the queue
queue.add( method3, { once: "readDB" });

Option: run

You can register a task without launching the run loop by passing the argument run: false.

queue.add( method, { run: false });

Pro tip

Bind your tasks with context and arguments!

var task = function( models, cb ) {
  /* you get `models` data here! */
queue.add( task.bind(null, models) );

That's all?




This event is called each time the queue emptied itself.


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Copyright (c) 2013 Simon Boudrias (twitter: @vaxilart)
Licensed under the MIT license.