A simple Node.js helper utility for creating gRPC metadata

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Simple Node.js helper utility for creating gRPC metadata

Example (Installation)

npm install grpc-create-metadata

Example (Usage)

const grpc = require('grpc')
const create = require('grpc-create-metadata')
const meta = create({
  name: 'Bob',
  age: 20,
  active: true
console.log(meta instanceof grpc.Metadata) // true
console.dir(meta.getMap()) // { foo: 'bar', age: '12', prop: 'true' }

module.exports(metadata, options) ⇒ Metadata

Utility helper function to create Metadata object from plain Javascript object This strictly just calls Metadata.add with the key / value map of objects. If the value is a Buffer it's passed as is. If the value is a Sting it's passed as is. Else if the value defined and not a string we simply call toString(). Note that Metadata only accept string or buffer values.

Kind: Exported function
Returns: Metadata - An instance of Metadata, or undefined if input is not an object

Param Type Description
metadata Object Plain javascript object to tranform into Metadata If an instance of Metadata is passed in it is simply returned
options Object options
options.addEmpty Boolean whether to add empty strings. Default: false