The fastest object node waiter possible.

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  import gsetw from '';



The fastest object node waiter possible.


This function was created for a very specific use case--intercepting and patching the push function of a webpackJsonp object--and is therefore fragile and has many caveats.

Only use this if you absolutely need the fastest response possible.


const gsetw = require("gsetw");

let obj = {};
gsetw(obj, "test.0.bruh", true).then(node => {
    // gsetw(..., ..., true), so it prints before the node on the object is set.
    console.log(obj.test); // undefined

setTimeout(() => {
    // Setting the node on the object like this will trigger the waiter.
    obj.test = [{ bruh: "fhdsk" }];
}, 1e3);


gsetw(object, nodePath, before = false)

  • object - object - The parent object of the node you want to wait for.
  • nodePath - string - "". Can be any depth, though the deeper it is the more fragile it is.
  • before - boolean - Whether to resolve the promise before or after the object is set.