CSScomb is a coding style formatter for CSS.

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Format CSS coding style with CSScomb.

If you have any difficulties with the output of this plugin, please use the CSScomb tracker.

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npm install gulp-csscomb --save-dev

Example 1

var gulp = require('gulp');
var csscomb = require('gulp-csscomb');

gulp.task('styles', function() {
  return gulp.src('src/styles/main.css')

Example 2

var gulp = require('gulp');
var $ = require('gulp-load-plugins')();

gulp.task('styles', function() {
  return gulp.src('src/styles/bootstrap.less')
    .pipe($.less({strictMath: true}))
      'Android 2.3',
      'Android >= 4',
      'Chrome >= 20',
      'Firefox >= 24', // Firefox 24 is the latest ESR
      'Explorer >= 8',
      'iOS >= 6',
      'Opera >= 12',
      'Safari >= 6']))

If there is .csscomb.json file present in the same folder as the source file(s), or in the project root folder, gulp-csscomb will read config settings from it instead of default config.

You can also specify a pre-defined configuration. Ex.: csscomb('zen')


The MIT License (MIT) © Konstantin Tarkus (@koistya)