A gulp plugin for extracting data header from file contents using gray-matter.

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A gulp plugin for extracting data header from file contents using gray-matter.

"See the benchmarks. gray-matter is 20-30x faster than front-matter." (@jonschlinkert)

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gulp-gray-matter is a plugin for gulp, to extract data headers from file contents using gray-matter.

The extracted data is set as a property of the file object for further processing. You can customize the property name and also use nested properties (via object-path).

If the file object already has data attached on the defined property, existing data will be merged recursively with extracted data (using merge). You can define a custom function for setting data to change this behavior.

There are further custom options and of course you can also use all gray-matter options.

Setup and usage

Install gulp-gray-matter using npm:

npm i gulp-gray-matter

In your gulpfile.js:

var gulp = require('gulp'),
    gulpGrayMatter = require('gulp-gray-matter');

gulp.task('default', function() {
  return gulp.src('./src/**.*')
    .pipe(gulpGrayMatter({ /* options */ }))
    // …

A common workflow, after extracting front matter, could be using a template rendering plugin like gulp-jade.


Beside its own options, gulp-gray-matter also supports all gray-matter options: delims, eval, lang and parser



Default: 'data'

The file object property for setting data. can also be a nested property name like



Default: true

Whether data header should be removed from file contents or not.



Default: true

Whether file contents should be trimmed after removing file header or not. (has no effect if options.remove is false.)




function setData(oldData, newData) {
  return require('merge').recursive(oldData, newData);

If there is already data attached to the file object on the property defined with, existing data will be recursively merged with extracted data. Set your own function to change this behavior.


MIT © 2016 Simon Lepel

Before version 2.2.2, @jakwings was the original author and owner of the npm package gulp-gray-matter.