Gulp plugin for sass stylesheet compiler by standard approach

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Gulp Plugin for SCSS compiler by standard approach

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Note this script is obsolete

According to libsass, libsass has now the same feature of ruby sass. Therefore, I think there is no reason to use my buggy plugin.

What this?

This is a plugin for SCSS (aka. SASS) compiler by standard approach

Why you re-invent?

  • I found gulp-sass, but it doesn't seem to support actual sass, because the backend, node-sass is a port of libsass that has major limitations. it seems to have the same function of ruby sass now and I recommend to use it.
  • Then, I found gulp-ruby-sass, but there are some major limitations of use (e.g. you can't use file globbing)

How can I use?

It's also just simple


/*global require*/
(function (r) {
    "use strict";
    var scss = r("gulp-scss");
    var gulp = r("gulp");
    gulp.task("scss", function () {
            {"bundleExec": true}


You can specify options by passing it as a parameter object of scss function, as you can see above. In particular, scss function has a parameter named options: scss(options)

When options are falsy, normal options are used.


As of 1.2.0, options are passed to scss thru dargs. Therefore, all options except the following will be passed to scss directly:

options.bundleExec (boolean, default: false)

When this option is true, bundle exec scss is used instead of scss. Otherwise, scss is used instead of bundle exec scss

options.tmpPath (string, default: .gulp-scss-cache)

Specifies temporary path to store the compiled files. Note that you should specify the path as relative path