Allow proper decompression of concatenated gzip files

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Allow proper decompression of concatenated gzip files

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The current node.gz zlib gunzip library has a bug where it doesn't correctly compress gzip files which are the concatenation of multiple gzip files.

This is a valid gzip file according to the standard, and is used widely in such formats as the Web Archive format (WARC).

This was fixed but it broke npm for some reason. See these links for a discussion about why.

In any case, it isn't easy to get the inbuilt library to work or resume for the reason that the gzip file format doesn't include the length of the compressed data, only the uncompressed final file and CRC.

This module wraps the gzip binary installed in your path, or a path you pass it and uses it to do the unzipping.

The upside is that in my testing, the command line utility is much faster at doing the decompression!


This module is installed via npm:

$ npm install gunzip-multi

Example Usage

var gunzipMulti = require('gunzip-multi'),
    fs = require('fs');


// Prints out the contents of a gzip concatenated file. The first 3 lines are
// from the first file, the next 3 lines are from the second files, and the last 2
// linesare from the last file.
1,Line 1
2,Line 2
3,Line 3
4,Line 4
5,Line 5
6,Line 6
7,Line 7
8,Line 8