hapi request decorations to conveniently access request data

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hapi request decorations to conveniently access request data

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A hapi plugin that decorates the request with methods to quickly and conveniently access incoming data.


hapi v19 (or later) and Node.js v12 (or newer)

This plugin requires hapi v19 (or later) and Node.js v12 or newer.


Major Release hapi.js version Node.js version
v4 >=18 hapi >=12
v3 >=18 hapi >=8
v2 >=17 hapi >=8


Add hapi-request-utilities as a dependency to your project:

npm i hapi-request-utilities


Register hapi-request-utilities to your hapi server and that's it :)

await server.register({
  plugin: require('hapi-request-utilities')

// went smooth like chocolate :)


Find all available request decorations in the extensive documentation.

Feature Requests

Do you miss a feature? Please don’t hesitate to create an issue with a short description of your desired addition to this plugin.

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