A library for abstracting databases and resources through Table Data Gateway.

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Heaven.js is a JavaScript library for abstracting databases or collections through a standard CRUD API. It reduces the boilerplate of writing a generic Table Data Gateway object by, for example, instantiating models received from the database and serializing ones going in for you.

Until Heaven.js reaches v1, its documentation is likely to be lacking. Sorry for that! It is, however, already used in production.


npm install heaven

Heaven.js follows semantic versioning, so feel free to depend on its major version with something like >= 1.0.0 < 2 (a.k.a ^1.0.0).


Subclass Heaven and implement the CRUD methods that do the actual reading and updating of your chosen database. For example, a simple wrapper for your web backend that might look something like this:

var Heaven = require("heaven")

function Web(model, url) {
  Heaven.call(this, model)
  this.url = url

Web.prototype = Object.create(Heaven.prototype, {
  constructor: {value: Web, configurable: true, writeable: true}

Web.prototype._search = function(query) {
  switch (this.typeof(query)) {
    case "undefined":
    case "null": return fetch(this.url).then(getJson)
    default: throw new TypeError("Bad Query: " + query)

Web.prototype._read = function(query) {
  switch (this.typeof(query)) {
    case "number": return fetch(this.url + "/" + query).then(getJson)
    default: throw new TypeError("Bad Query: " + query)

Web.prototype._create = function(attrs) {
  return Promise.all(attrs.map(function(attrs) {
    return fetch(this.url, {
      method: "POST",
      headers: "Content-Type": "application/json",
      body: JSON.stringify(attrs)
  }, this))

Web.prototype._update = function(query, attrs) {
  switch (this.typeof(query)) {
    case "number": return fetch(this.url + "/" + query, {
      method: "PUT",
      headers: "Content-Type": "application/json",
      body: JSON.stringify(attrs)

    default: throw new TypeError("Bad Query: " + query)

Web.prototype._delete = function(query) {
  switch (this.typeof(query)) {
    case "number": return fetch(this.url + "/" + query, {method: "DELETE"})
    default: throw new TypeError("Bad Query: " + query)

function getJson(res) { return res.json() }

You can then instantiate Web to refer to particular resources on your server:

var cars = new Web(Object, "/cars")
var lada = await cars.create({name: "Žiguli"})
await cars.update(lada, {name: "Lada"})

For tweaking how your models are parsed, set heaven.parse. For serializing, set heaven.serialize. For updating the newly created model with the id returned by the server, set heaven.assign. For further detail, please see Heaven's source in index.js. Especially until more documentation is written.

Using with Mapbox's SQLite3

If you'd like to use Heaven.js with Mapbox's SQLite3 library, see Heaven.js for SQLite3.


Heaven.js is released under a Lesser GNU Affero General Public License, which in summary means:

  • You can use this program for no cost.
  • You can use this program for both personal and commercial reasons.
  • You do not have to share your own program's code which uses this program.
  • You have to share modifications (e.g. bug-fixes) you've made to this program.

For more convoluted language, see the LICENSE file.


Andri Möll typed this and the code.
Monday Calendar supported the engineering work.

If you find Heaven.js needs improving, please don't hesitate to type to me now at andri@dot.ee or create an issue online.