Hedera JavaScript API

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Hedera JavaScript SDK

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Hedera JavaScript SDK is the environment for working with Hedera Hashgraph - a consensus platform using the hashgraph consensus algorithm for fast, fair and secure transactions. This is an unofficial version of the development tool by Excalibur_ team.

Table of Contents


NPM (NOT available now)

npm install hederasdk

Yarn (NOT available now)

yarn add hederasdk

Usage information

Import class for use in your project

Connection HederaSDK library for further use:

const HederaSDK = require("hederasdk");

Create a class instance

Creating an instance of the HederaSDK class:

let hederaHashgraph = new HederaSDK("_address_", "_port_", "_targetOS_");

Get methods for working with it

You can get methods for working with your object:


An example of a method call

Example of a method call on an object:




Other implementations


By launchbadge:

More information by Hedera Hashgraph

You can visit The Hedera Site.

Please review the Contributing Guide.