install helm binary to you node_modules

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import helmBinary from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/helm-binary';



Install helm via yarn/npm. This is a wrapper around the projects here: helm-binary-darwin helm-binary-linux

Global install

Taking the latest helm 3 binary at the time of writing (3.6.2) as an example:

yarn global add helm-binary@latest

npm should also work but I have seen places it can fail more ofter (like when running as the root user on a linux box).

npm install --global helm-binary@latest

Installation dependencies

Whatever linux/mac machine you run this on, make sure it has bash available as the postinstall script depends on that (#!/bin/sh isn't enough)

Package specific install

Add this package as a dependency and you can run helm from within your node runtime when using the scripts block of the package.json file.

Alternatively, appending the node_modules/.bin location when calling this from within your source code (through say, the exec package), e.g.

const helm = Path.resolve(__dirname, '../../node_modules/.bin/helm');

You are able to directly call helm within your source code without needing it to be installed on the running system.


You've setup your $PATH correctly to have node binaries executable. e.g. My Ubuntu machine has: /home/edify42/.nvm/versions/node/v10.16.0/bin in my $PATH

How it works

It installs the optionalDependency based on your platform (darwin/linux) and then the postInstall script simply creates a hard link to the binary.


Github Actions support scheduled builds. Lets run one periodically to check the github releases API and package new versions of helm automagically for future use.

Hack innit

Is this a hack? Yes. I need to have helm available and this is a nice way of achieving it for some of the Javascript/Node tooling I currently work with.