An environment manager for WordPress projects

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A CLI tool for automating & simplifying much of the WordPress multi-environment workflow.

  • Simplified Source Control - Only track your theme. Use config files for everything else.
  • Environment Management - Migrates database & uploads between environments
  • Automatically Configure Apache & Hosts - Automagically configures Apache virtualhosts and hosts for local development
  • Deployment - Build & Deploy via rsync or Git


This has only been tested on OS X. It will not work as-is on Windows. It will maybe work on nix

  1. Node.js & npm
  2. Composer
  3. mysql in your $PATH


  1. Install HelperPress globally via npm: npm install helperpress -g.
  2. Setup your global HelperPress config file (~\.helperpress)
  3. Run hp init in your project's repo

Run hp --help for a list of commands.

Learn more in the Documentation at the GitHub Wiki