a cds-hooks service to prompts care providers to screen baby-boomers for hepatitis c

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a CDS Hooks hepatitis c screening service.

this service detects if a patient needs a hepatitis c screening per CDS recommended guidelines. if a screening is required for a patient, it can be automatically ordered into the EHR system via FHIR REST services, and/or administered via CDS hook card actions. the service is highly configurable and easy to deploy.

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the screening service can be run in two different ways--via docker or via nodejs. how to use either of these software tools is left as an exercise for the user. ample tutorials are available for both toolchains via a quick internet search.

please see the CDS Hooks website to learn how to interact with a CDS Hooks web service.


docker run -p <host-port>:8080 cdaringe/hep-c-screener


nodejs 8.x or higher is required.

production mode

  • install, npm install --global hep-c-screener
  • hep-c-screener should now be on your $PATH

dev mode

  • install dependencies, yarn, or npm install
  • run the server, yarn start, or npm start


all configuration is delivered via environment variables. how to set environment variables depends on the OS and deployment mechanism used. how to set these variables is left as an exercise for the user.


variable default description
PORT 8080 HTTP port to run server on

hepatitis c workflow

variable default description
DISABLE_DEFAULT_SCREENING_ORDER <not set> set this field to 1 to not order a HCV screen procedure by default. a card with a button to order the procedure will be presented
HCV_SCREEN_OBSERVATION_LOINC_CODES 13955-0 csv,of,codes to check if a HCV screen has been performed for a patient before
HCV_SCREEN_PROCEDURE_LOINC_CODE 47365-2 single code for ordering HCV screen
HCV_SNOMED_CODES 128302006,50711007,235866006 csv,of,codes to check if someone has or has had HCV
PROCEDURE_REQUEST_ORDER_INTENT proposal a RequestIntent for the HCV screening order. most likely, you will want proposal or order
PROCEDURE_REQUEST_ORDER_STATUS draft the default value for the status field of new HCV ProcedureRequests. if providers want to immediately load the order into the EHR system, set this value to active
VENIPUNCTURE_SNOMED_CODES 22778000 csv,of,codes to check for venipunction orders

if other code systems or codes themselves are required by default, please open a pull request

fine print

  • when testing to see if a patient already has an outstanding HCV procedure request, we check only the HCV_SCREEN_PROCEDURE_LOINC_CODE, and only if that procedure request status is draft|active|completed. cancelled|suspended etc status codes still allow the service to create a new HCV_SCREEN_PROCEDURE_LOINC_CODE ProcedureRequest for the patient.