CLI to start an event sourcing server

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import heq from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/heq';


heq CLI

> npx heq

this command will start a new http server that serves heq-server protocol.

Custom configuration

you can specify a config file, which is a JavaScript file that exports a configuration object

> npx heq --redis=redis://localhost:6379 --redis-namespace=sample --port=9000

heq also picks up shell environment variables by default. If you have HEQ_PORT, HEQ_REDIS_URL or HEQ_REDIS_NAMESPACE available in your env, these values will be selected (explicit program arguments will always win).

Run in background

heq does not have any opinions about how to keep servers running in background. You can use docker, pm2, or any other process management tools. Personally, if I want to run heq locally, I use pm2 with the following command:

> pm2 start --name "heq-local" -x "npx" -- heq --port=9000

This way you can start multiple heq-server instances for different projects, listening on different ports. These instances will run in background, and depends with pm2 startup setup, they will reinitialize after system restarts.