Plugin for hermione to launch Sauce Connect when integration testing started

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  import hermioneSauceConnect from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/hermione-sauce-connect';



Plugin for hermione to launch an instance of Sauce Connect Proxy when integration testing started.

You can read more about hermione plugins here.


npm install hermione-sauce-connect


Plugin has following configuration:

  • enabled (optional) Boolean – enable/disable the plugin; by default plugin is enabled
  • username (required) String - Sauce Labs username.
  • accessKey (required) String - Sauce Labs access key.
  • verbose (optional) Boolean - detail log output from the Sauce Connect process to console; false by default.

:warning: Do not commit your Sauce Labs credentials.

Also there is ability to override plugin parameters by CLI options or environment variables (see configparser). Use hermione_sauce_connect_ prefix for the environment variables and --sauce-connect- for the cli options.

For example you can override accessKey option like so:

$ hermione_sauce_connect_access_key=some-key hermione test
$ hermione test --sauce-connect-access-key some-key

Add plugin to your hermione config file:

module.exports = {
    // ...
    plugins: {
        'hermione-sauce-connect': {
            username: 'example-username',
            accessKey: 'example-accessKey'


Run mocha tests:

npm run test-unit

Run eslint codestyle verification

npm run lint