Heroku comma separated config values suport plugin

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  import herokuCliCsv from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/heroku-cli-csv';


Heroku CSV CLI plugin

Let's say you have lot of configuration variables in form: SOME_VARIABLE=v1,v2,v3. Those variables are horrible to mange. To change its value from CLI you have to:

  • copy current value (heroku config:get)
  • append new value to the list
  • set new value (heroku config:set)

With this plugin its easy as:

heroku csv:add SOME_VARIABLE v4

For more options see Usage.


heroku plugins:install heroku-cli-csv


  • heroku csv:list KEY - list values stored under KEY in table format
  • heroku csv:add KEY VALUE - add value to CSV under KEY if not there already
  • heroku csv:remove KEY VALUE - remove VALUE (all instances) from CSV under KEY
  • heroku csv:append KEY VALUE - add VALUE to CSV stored under KEY
  • heroku csv:update-index KEY INDEX VALUE - exchange value stored in CSV under KEY under INDEX with VALUE
  • heroku csv:remove-index KEY INDEX - remove value stored in CSV under KEY under INDEX