Arbitrary precision decimal/hexadecimal converter.

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  import hex2dec from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/hex2dec';



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Arbitrary precision decimal↔️hexadecimal converter, from a blog post by Dan Vanderkam. Supports non-negative integer values.


npm install --save hex2dec
var converter = require('hex2dec');

var dec = converter.hexToDec('0xFA'); // 250
var hex = converter.decToHex('250'); // '0xfa'
var hexString = converter.decToHex('250', { prefix: false }); // 'fa'

Why use hex2dec

(250).toString(16) === 'fa' and 250 === 0xFA both work just fine, and will provide enough precision for most uses. For large (>64-bit) numbers, however, precision is lost. This utility provides a higher-precision alternative.


This code may be used under the Apache 2 license.