A disqus-php-api plugin for Hexo NexT theme.

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  import hexoDisqusPhpApi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/hexo-disqus-php-api';


Hexo Disqus PHP API

npm NexT license

A disqus-php-api plugin for Hexo NexT theme.

This plugin an integration of disqus-php-api, which is another Disqus proxy similar to DisqusJS, with some additional features such as commenting, liking, sending pictures rather than only viewing comments as what DisqusJS does.



$ npm install hexo-disqus-php-api


In Hexo _config.yml:

  enable: true
  api:   # Your server endpoint
  forum: # Your disqus shortname
  mode: 2
  timeout: 2000
  emojipreview: true
  relatedtype: Related
    css: https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/KaitoHH-forked-repo/disqus-php-api@1.1.2/dist/iDisqus.min.css
    js: https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/KaitoHH-forked-repo/disqus-php-api@1.1.2/dist/iDisqus.min.js
  • cdn CDN of the required css and js files. Leave it blank if you want to directly load from server side.

The meaning of the other options is available at disqus-php-api, including how to deploy the PHP server, so simply refer to this repo.



Make sure turn off any VPN or proxy before visiting this website. Otherwise, you can only see the original Disqus.


The plugin has been tested on Hexo NexT v7.7.2, and it relies on the improved theme_inject feature, so it may not work with other themes. However, any PRs of porting the plugin to other themes are welcomed.