A hexo plugin that optimize the pages loading speed.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import hexoFilterOptimize from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/hexo-filter-optimize';



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A hexo plugin that optimize the pages loading speed.

It will auto filter your html file, find the <link rel="stylesheet"> block and replace them into a javascript to optimize CSS delivery.

And inline the main.css into the html page like @maple3142 does.

It will improve your pages loading and get a higher score in the Google PageSpeed Insights.


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npm install hexo-filter-optimize


Activate the plugin in hexo's _config.yml like this:

  enable: true
  # remove the surrounding comments in each of the bundled files
  remove_comments: false
    # bundle loaded css file into the one
    bundle: true
    # use a script block to load css elements dynamically
    delivery: true
    # make specific css content inline into the html page
    #   - only support the full path
    #   - default is ['css/main.css']
    # bundle loaded js file into the one
    bundle: true
  # set the priority of this plugin,
  # lower means it will be executed first, default is 10
  priority: 12

This plugin can be disabled by NODE_ENV in development to boost hexo generate:

export NODE_ENV=development


Here is a result from GTmetrix to show you the changes between before and after. (Same web server located in Tokyo, Japan, vultr.com)

  • Remove query strings from static resources - let all the proxies could cache resources well. (https://gtmetrix.com/remove-query-strings-from-static-resources.html)
  • Make fewer HTTP requests - through combined the loaded js files into the one.
  • Prefer asynchronous resources - change the css delivery method using a script block instead of link tag.
  • And TODOs ...