Pagination utilities for Hexo generator plugins.

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Pagination utilities for Hexo generator plugins.


$ npm install hexo-pagination --save


pagination(base, posts, [options])

Option Description Default
perPage Posts displayed per page 10
format URL format page/%d/
layout Layout. This value can be a string or an array. ['archive', 'index']
data Extra data

For example:

var pagination = require('hexo-pagination');

pagination('/tags/hexo', [], {
  perPage: 10,
  format: 'page/%d/',
  layout: ['archive', 'index'],
  data: {
    tag: 'hexo'

This function returns an array containing objects with 3 properties: path, layout, data.

Data Description
base Base URL
total Total pages
current Current page number
current_url Path of the current page (which equals to path)
posts The slice of posts for the current page
prev Previous page number
prev_link The path to the previous page
next Next page number
next_link The path to the next page