Hexo code highlight by Prism.js

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Hexo Prism.js Plugin

Since highlight.js didn't support JSX syntax properly, I wrote this plugin to replace Hexo's default code highlight plugin.


npm i -S hexo-prismjs-plugin


First, you should edit your _config.yml by adding following configuration.

  mode: 'preprocess'    # realtime or preprocess
  theme: 'default'
  line_number: false    # default false
  auto_import_assets: true   # default true

Note: check _config.yml highlight option. Make sure that

  enable: false
  • mode:

    • realtime (Parse code on browser in real time)
    • preprocess (Preprocess code in node)
  • theme:

    • default
    • coy
    • dark
    • funky
    • okaidia
    • solarizedlight
    • tomorrow
    • twilight
  • line_number:

    • true (Show line numbers)
    • false (Default, Hide line numbers)
  • auto_import_assets

    • true (insert automaticaly css and js files)
    • false (let you choose another prism.js theme file or you own)

If you want avoid AMP validation errors, disable auto import asseets

And then, clean and generate project by running command:

hexo clean
hexo generate

Supported languages

You could find the supported languages here: http://prismjs.com/#languages-list