Deezer track player widget for Hexo

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This is a Hexo tag plugin for including a Deezer track playing widget into your pages/posts. Examples of what they can look like are below:




The same as other Hexo plugins its simply:

npm install --save hexo-tag-deezer

In your Hexo project root.


The full tag format is as follows:

{% deezer track_id [[format] [size [autoplay [playlist]]]] %}

Example to get the above square Depeche Mode track it would be

{% deezer 3135556 square %}

Global Tag Configuration

There's just 3 global variables you can set in yoru main _config.yml.

  • theme - either light or dark
  • colour - a hex representation of the overall colour of the widgets trim. Without the #.
  • appid - if you wish to track the usage of your Deezer widgets you can create an app at Deezer and use your given app id here.

Here's an example config:

    theme: dark
    colour: AA0000
    appid: 8769876

Example in the Wild

And last but not least here's an example of it working on my Hexo-powered web dev & tech blog