Russian-friendly clean hexo theme with a lot of free space.

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Spacious theme for Hexo

This is a simple Hexo theme, based on Ilya Birman's theme for his blogeninge e2. It is a clean, clear, russian-friendly theme with simple responsive markup and some other features (see below).


cd hexo
npm install --save hexo-renderer-jade hexo-renderer-stylus
cd themes
git clone git@github.com:f213/hexo-theme-spacious
cd hexo-theme-spacious
npm install --production
bower install

Then change your theme setting in _config.yml.


You can review demo at my personal blog in russian.


Tag navigation menu

Every menu element can be a link to the tag page. Just name it tag:<your tag name here>. Don't forget to install hexo-generator-tag.

Here is a _config.yml exmaple.

# Header
    About me: /about/index.html
    Favorites: tag:favorites
    My JS Posts: tag:JS
    My CSS Posts: tag:CSS
    rss:  /rss/index.xml

Favorite posts

There is some special tag for highlighting your favorite posts. By default it is named 'Избранное' and can be configured via the favortie_tag variable in _config.yml.

Formatting dates

This theme can nicely format your post dates, like 'an hour ago' or '2 months ago'. This is done via Livestamp.js and can be turned off via the fancy_dates variable in _config.yml.


The theme has a simple helper interface for Smart.Plurals, named plural. Usage of this helper is up to theme users, but i prefer to use it like described below.

First, i place the needed amount of plural forms in my languages/<language>.yml separeted by comma, like this:

posts:      post, posts

And then i use in my template:

plural(page.posts.data.length, __('posts'))

__ here is a standart Hexo l10n helper.


Theme has a flexible configuration for some robot-frendly page parameters. Page titles, description and keywords meta tags can be configured by front-matter variables with the same names, or on by-url basis via data file seo.yml:

tags/myTag/index.html: # this is a canonical url without hostname
    title: My Best Title
        - cool
        - sms free
        - user-friendly
    description: This is a page with description configured through source/_data/seo.yml    

Custom opengraph

Hexo opengraph code seems very strange and hard-configurable to me, so this theme has custom opengraph support. One can configure og:image, og:title and og:description for each post via front-matter. og:image is working with respect to post_asset_folder. Your fb:admin_id (for page statistics) and profile link (for shares only) can be configured via _config.yml.

Building and customizing


Theme is built with Jade and Stylus, so it can be easily customized.

Build process

CSS and JS refereneces are useref- and smoosher-friendly (see default _config.yml). Vendor assets are handled with bower.

Custom JS and CSS

Custom JS and CSS files are inteded to be placed in the ./source/js/custom.js and ./source/css/custom.css files. Please note that hexo does pass this files through its rendering mechanism, so ./source/css/custom.styl (or your favorite preprocessor) is welcome.

Development Mode

Currently hexo lacks development mode support. This theme uses NODE_ENV variable for hiding disqus and web analytics code from your local copies.